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Organic Green Barley Leaf and Wheat Grass Powder

Purchase New Zealand grown, New Zealand packed  Certified Organic Barley and Wheat Leaf Powders from our Foodplus Online shop.

Dr Hagiwara from Japan believed that our modern life style with the consumption of highly processed food was causing loss of health and well being. He believed that the road to good health and well being is through correct nutritional intake which in turn stimulates the body into effectively healing itself.

Dr Hagiwara set out to find the best naturally occurring nutrient rich food. After testing a wide range of natural products he found that the juices from green leafy vegetables had the best and widest spectrum of naturally occurring nutrients, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. Out of all the green leafy vegetables, he found that the green leaf of the barley plant was by far the best.

Dr Hagiwara said that a glass of green barley juice could be called an “instant salad in a glass” or the “ultimate of all fast food”. He believed that by regularly taking green barley leaf drinks it would stimulate the body to promote and maintain good health and well being.

Considering the millions of people worldwide who have been consuming green barley leaf products over many years, Dr Hagiwara’s findings seem to have been embraced wholeheartedly.

Foodplus offers New Zealand grown, organically certified green barley leaf and wheat grass powder.

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