Canterbury Plains

About Us

Healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy people.

Raw, real food from Canterbury Volcanic soils. Natural mountain run spring water, rising up from aquafer via shingle substrate blanched with bright sunlight hours. The Food Plus team have worked with local farmers for over the last 30 years.

Brent Paulsen, Managing Director of Food Plus, has taken it one step further by investing in his own regenerative farm in the ultimate food basin of Akaroa, Banks Peninsula. This site was handpicked and is now producing the highest percentage of Glucoraphanin and Sulforaphane enzymes in plant product.

Certified Organic NZ Bio Gro 6330


Our wheat and barley products are certified organic to USDA NOP standards with BioGro. The balance of our products are farmed regeneratively.

Capturing the essential nutritional qualities - committed to safe, organic New Zealand-grown plant foods

Food Plus products are certified under the organic certification body, BioGro NZ Ltd.

Our view is a powerful one – "organic agriculture is more than just spray or residue free. It is a holistic style of farming where the health of the soil and environment is prioritised, including the surrounding flora and fauna. Organic production means to produce products that are made without genetic modification (GMO's), the routine use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, animals have been treated fairly and rural communities have been united and empowered along the way. Organic production is the only sustainable option for benefiting ourselves, our environment and future generations." Source: BioGro

Each step of our growing, harvesting and drying process is covered by audited organic certification. We, along with our partner organic farmers have undergone residue testing as part of the certification and take every effort to reduce any heavy metal, herbicide and insecticide residue.


For our customer's assurance, multi-residue reports are available with every batch traced back to the paddock where the batch originated from.

Additionally, independent laboratory testing is performed on all products allowing full lot control and microbiological testing ensuring the product is tracked, tested and their attributes and history fully documented.


All of our products can be traced from soil to customer.

The importance of Food Safety

We believe in providing, and proving, the quality, sustainability and origin of what we do.

Food Safety is paramount. Food fraud is rife throughout the market and so our supply chain integrity is critical. Our product comes from the cleanest, unpolluted environment, so it is important that our customers receive clean, unadulterated product.


Food Plus works to fully understand the composition and nutritional features of our food products. Additionally we activity comply with any statutory requirements governing the marketing of food and claims of any health benefits. We seek to position our products in the market honourably and in strict accordance with governing food standards.

To identify and develop scientifically credible points of difference, Food Plus works with New Zealand agricultural and food research agencies to bring the best science we can to our organic production. We also provide the best scientific information we can to our customers.

For each of our products we schedule a comprehensive literature review - to gather as much information as possible on the nutritional composition and potential health from objective scientific research. We regularly measure the nutritional composition to ensure the most relevant and accurate data is available for labelling and promotional purposes and create a dossier for each product to decide if further research is required to substantiate anything we say about the product.