Foodplus Blackcurrant Extract Capsules 60's x 500mg

Foodplus Blackcurrant Extract Capsules 60's x 500mg

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Blackcurrant Extract Capsules - 60 x 500mg

Blackcurrants have always been treasured for their high levels of vitamin C.

Scientific research has proven this to be true as they have four times as much vitamin C as oranges and are one of, if not the most, nutrient dense fruits. They have twice as much antioxidant activity as blueberries therefore in the berry fruit world they are the truly 'super' food. The belief held by our mothers and grandmothers, that the goodness of fruit and vegetables is mainly in the skins, has been proven by science to be absolutely true with blackcurrants. Antioxidants in the form of anthocyanins are all in the dark purple skin. 

FoodPlus offers capsules containing concentrated blackcurrant anthocyanin (antioxidant).Blackcurrants are also very high in antioxidants such as flavenoids and polyphenolics.

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Blackcurrant Capsules are extracted in New Zealand from the skins of New Zealand spray free blackcurrants. 

Always read the label and use as directed, supplementary to a balanced diet or as directed by a healthcare professional.